CKD KH maintains globally recognized standard quality systems, with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications being the very basis. These systems help us provide high-quality products to all customers. We do our best to accommodate a variety of customers’ requirements and therefore maintain a number of other certificates, which we renew on a regular basis.

ISO 9001

High-quality equipment for technical inspection is deployed at CKD KH. Large financial investments in the necessary equipment were made during the last years.

Mixture check and metal temperature control – thermometers, hardness testers

Stability of moulding and casting processes has a significant effect on the quality of production. Therefore, we monitor numerous Key Process Variables during production in order to ensure this stability and, if necessary, to facilitate any subsequent analysis required for problem-solving. The majority of KPVs is recorded in IS OPTI (specialized Foundry software), and the data can be retrieved later if required by customers to print out certificates or measurement protocols.

Chemical Laboratory

Chemical analyses are performed using automatic spectrometer Q4 Tasman by BAS Rudice, s. r. o. The values measured are automatically transferred to the IS. Further, radioactivity of materials is monitored with EXPLORANIUM device.

Sand Laboratory

Testing of all moulding mixtures used in the Foundry; equipment: SAND TEAM.

Mechanical Laboratory

Tensile strength testers, hardness testers, Charpy tests up to –90 °C.

Non-Destructive Control

NDC at CKD KH includes: visual inspection, magnetic particle inspection, radiography, US testing and penetration tests. Internal CKD flaw detection centre is equipped with Cobalt 60 (max. radiable thickness 150 mm) and Iridium 172 (max. radiable thickness 90 mm) gamma emitters. For castings with thinner walls (30 mm max.) we use RTG-TV with radiation source Isovolt 420 kW. US tests are performed with Olympus EPOCH 600.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Surface and subsurface irregularities and cracks in both raw and machined castings are detected by Magman 4000 (magnetization by direct current flow) and manual yokes with pole pieces (alternating current). In order to ensure optimum conditions we use state-of-the-art calibration devices, e.g. Gauss meters for magnetic field intensity, AccuMAX (Spectroline) for UV light and ambient light intensity etc.

Accurate Measurement of Patterns, Castings and Machined Pieces

We use the following calibrated 3D measuring systems. For patterns, core boxes, and castings: Romer Absolute Arm scanning and measuring system which is capable to compare dimensions with 3D models in the scan mode. For larger castings and weldments: LEICA 901 For machined castings and weldments: Stiefelmayer and Opton 3D.

Quality inspection and assessment are performed by our employees having appropriate qualification.