Our Pattern Shop provides wide range of facilities for realization of design, technology and production in the foundry and machining area, including:

- Specialization in fabrication of fixtures and jigs for production and machining of weldments, castings and sheet metal products

- Manufacture of wood and plastic patterns for manual and machine moulding

- Design of steel castings in the weight range of 5–5000 kg

Pattern production:


  • Wood and plastic pattern facilities for manual and machine moulding
  • Pattern design in Solid Edge 3D CAD, milling programming in CAM PowerMILL
  • CNC machine for high-speed milling with table 4 x 2 m
  • Production of dummy parts and moulds for laminate, composite, and ABS parts
  • Customized single-part orders and prototypes

Foundry Equipment:
Melting equipment
  • 4 arc furnaces with individual capacity 8 tons per heat

  • Selection of Produced Steel Grades:

    42 2643.5, E260 -450 -MSC1, E300- 520 -MSC1, 422643.5, 42 2650.1, 2660.5 42 42 2660.6, 422707.9, 42 279.5

    GE 300, 42 2709.6, 422712.5, 42 2713.5, 42 2719.5, GRADE 350, GS 45, GE 240, GP 240 GH, GS 52, GRADE C, 20L-III, A2, A4, GE280, GE230, GE320, B2M1C, 20GL, 20GFL

    GS 21Mn5V, GS 20Mn5N, GS20Mn5V, G20Mn5 + QT, B50E54D3, GRADE 90-60, 2172-21, GP 240GH, Fe G 520

    GS-25CrMo4V, GS 42CrMo4N, GS 42CrMo4V, WC6, 2225-25, 42CrMo4 + QT, 10A, WC4, GS- 35 CrMoV, 30NiCrMo8

    Moulding Shop and Core Shop
  • Automatic moulding line:
  • moulding boxes 1000 x 800 x 300 x 300 mm; capacity ca 250 moulds per shift; castings 5 to 150 kg each.

  • Sand slinger moulding machine:
  • moulding boxes 1250 x 1250/1400/1600; capacity ca 50–60 moulds per shift; castings 80 to 600 kg each;

  • Mechanized moulding line – Alpha-Set:
  • moulding with or without flasks; customized, small-lot and serial production with the capacity of 3000 castings per year; capacity ca 350 tons of castings per month; castings 100 to 150 kg each

  • Manual work stations:
  • capacity ca 250 tons of castings per month; castings 100 to 12,000 kg each.

    Fettling Shop

    The company continues to invest in new tools and equipment required in order to provide high quality of welding processes and heat treatment. These processes also ensure significant reduction of scrap rates and optimize acquisition costs.

    Fettling Technologies:

    • shot-blasting systems
    • heat-treatment furnaces
    • tempering furnaces
    • argon, plasma and carbon welding
    In addition to the standard CAD/CAM solutions CKD uses casting simulation software for technology development, enabling to verify and evaluate the entire casting production process in terms of quality, engineering design and internal homogeneity. It helps us to save time and costs for launching of the new products and contributes to the achievement of lean efficiency in serial production.

    Our machining technologies are featured by the numerous advantages: they enable us to produce rather complicated outputs, because many customers order completely machined products. Another advantage is a cutting-edge Paint Shop and welding equipment. We have profound experience in assembly of complicated and certified products. In addition to KH Machining Shop we have also a machining facility in Chrudim.
    Sheet-cutting equipment; laser and acetylene.
    Pálička laser
    Pálička autogen
    Numerous machining centres of various types and sizes; machining accuracy up to ±0.02 mm.
    Obráběcí centrum – horizontální
    Obráběcí centrum – portál
    Various welding aggregates, fixtures/jigs and positioners.
    Painting equipment for surface treatment.