Production Workers / Operators:

  • Machining Centre Operator
  • Welder/Machine Fitter
  • Former/Core Maker
  • Crane Operator
  • Grinder

Technical-Administrative Positions:

  • Sales Officer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Foundry Technologist
  • Shift Foreman

CKD employees have the opportunity to use numerous employee benefits.

  • Recruitment allowance of 15,000 CZK for selected positions
  • Subsidized company catering
  • Flexible working hours in non-production positions
  • Leisure activities for employees and their families
  • Drink vending machines at workplace
  • Vocational training including language lessons
  • Advantaged accommodation in company hostels

If you need to get or improve your qualification or just polish your practical skills, we can offer a number of programs for you:

Welding School

WS is organized for everybody willing to acquire or improve qualification at the accredited courses. Your re-qualification may be covered by Employment Office. Upon graduation you receive a certificate recognized in EU, so you can apply for a well-ranked position.


-Flame cutting training

-Basic training in EA and CO welding

-Extension to EN

More information about Welding School and courses, including price list, can be found here.

Breaking in

A team of experienced instructors is ready to train and prepare you for any manufacturing position. Willingness to learn new things is a prerequisite.

Crane Operators

Upon completion of our course you receive certificate of crane operator enabling you to take up this job. It is also suitable for women.

Forklift Truck Drivers

We will help you to obtain a motor truck driver’s licence which will enable you to apply for this job.