Our cooperation with suppliers is based on the following key factors:

  • Materials complying with production quality requirements, with an optimum price-performance ratio
  • Utilization of consignment stock and other modern procurement methods
  • Stability and reputation of our suppliers
  • Flexible delivery and payment terms
  • Environmentally friendly products

Basing on the long-term contracts we ensure regular purchases of the key materials:

  • Foundry steel scrap
  • Steel sheets of structural and alloy quality
  • Ferroalloys destined for carbon- and low-alloy steels
  • Forgings, castings, pins, bushings and other semi-finished products
  • Binder systems for moulding shops and core shops
  • Common tools, hand tools, abrasives
  • Lubricants, oils, cutting fluids
  • Foundry sands and mixtures

We are open for the new partners who are capable to provide:

  • Permanently stable high quality of materials, raw materials and services
  • Competitive prices with reference to the price indexes (Eurofer, CRU etc.)
  • Payment terms – within 45-60 days

Our company provides bank guarantees for long-term contracts.